Yahoo! Weather for KDE Plasma Desktop

04 April 2015 Update: The very first port to Plasma 5 is done and released.

The default weather plasmoid stop working many times. :–( So I just decided to write a new weather widget in QML. Aims to be a fast and reliable alternative.

Yahoo! Weather Widget

Yeah, the name is Yahoo! Weather Widget. Just to clarify that it’s not an official Yahoo! product. It implements Yahoo! Weather RSS API though.

QML is great but lacking of many essential elements in Qt 4. I’ve seen huge improvements in Qt Quick 2.0 which is part of Qt 5. So, hurry up! KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 2!

You can check this plasmoid on kde-apps. Please, feel free to comment.

Contribute to

If you speak languages other than Chinese and English, please consider contributing to this widget’s translations.

  1. Download pot file
  2. Rename it to a po file
  3. Edit it using a tool like Lokalize or just a normal text editor
  4. Send it back to me via Email (find it in About) or whatever you like

The best way to contribute to this project is to fork this project on GitHub! Modify and send me pull requests.


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