Switch UPC Technicolor TC7200 to Bridge Mode

Basically I was following the this thread on boards.ie but it didn’t work for me. Later on, I found that I have to plug off the cable before doing SNMP operations!

Below are some notes about the switching.

Switch to Bridge Mode

The firmware version of my TC7200 is STD6.01.27 in case somebody has questions about that.

Before any operations, disable all firewalls in your PC/Mac and the TC7200. And connect your PC/Mac to TC7200 with wire! Then, let’s begin:

  1. Plug off the UPC cable from TC7200 (make it offline).
  2. Reboot the Technicolor TC7200.
  3. Run command snmpset -v2c -c public i 1
  4. The modem should restart automatically (if not, restart it manually).
  5. After that, you can access Technicolor TC7200 web admin page through instead of previous

For the third step, if you’re using Microsoft Windows, check the original thread on boards.ie. I’m using Fedora GNU/Linux, so I installed the net-snmp-utils in order to use snmpset command.

The Technicolor TC7200 is running in bridge mode instead of router mode now. And the device connected to it should have public IPv4 address instead of an internal one. Also, you need to use another router to do NAT and other works that were previously done by the UPC ~~router~~ modem. From now on, the Technicolor TC7200 is just a modem.


It doesn’t work with my firmware version. Once your UPC cable connected, will it revert back to router mode automatically.


There is no way to restore the previous router mode via SNMP, because that OID we changed from 2 to 1 is gone after switching. However, the hard-reset way is still effective! Hold the factory reset button in the modem for 30 seconds. And that should reset all settings and bring back the router mode.


  • The change is risky and might break your router. I’m not responsible for any consequences that you made yourself.
  • It may upset UPC and also might break some agreements between you and UPC.
  • Don’t do this unless there is indeed a need for it.

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