Install Terminus Font as A Normal User

For old Linux distributions, TrueType Fonts (TTF) are installed into $HOME/.fonts if not installed globally. As an even older practice, bitmap fonts (usually used in xterm or urxvt) installation is slightly different.

Here is my situation:
– Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
– No root priviledge
– System reboots every week

As you may know, those now deprecated configuration methods are the only ways on this old system. To be honest, I never installed a bitmap font before because TTF is simply much better and eye-friendlier. But if we consider the rendering speed, of course bitmap is faster in most cases.

Anyway, take Terminus as an example since it’s very popular (not my type of font). Download the latest source code from its project website and extract it. Then,

./configure --prefix=$HOME/.local
make install fontdir

Now these fonts should be installed into your home directory. Before they can be used, you need to type some commands:

xset +fp $HOME/.local/share/fonts/terminus
xset fp rehash

To preview the font, simply run xfontsel and change font family to terminus. You can also list all terminus fonts using xlsfonts | grep terminus.

You should be able to download the TTF type font of terminus, if that’s the case, you need to copy them into $HOME/.fonts directory and run fc-cache -rv to refresh the cache.

Change your terminal font to a nice one before you get your eyes blind. 🙂


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