Display Shutdown Dialog When Power Button Gets Clicked on ODROID-U3

In order to make your power button on ODROID-U3 work, you may have to install acpid at first. Otherwise, the power button won’t even work.

I use latest Debian Wheezy on this board while MATE as the desktop environment. However, after installed acpid, the system is to shutdown immediately when I press the power button.

Let’s see what acpid does when power button clicked, the contents of /etc/acpi/events/powerbtn-acpi-support are:

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Resize Partitions in ODROID MicroSD Card

I purchased an ODROID-U3 (Community Edition) from HardKernel a couple of days ago. It runs much faster than what I expected. Anyway, I’d love to share my experience related to this board. So, here we go. The first chapter: Resize partitions in the microSD card.


  • A functional Linux* device (ODROID-U3 itself doesn’t count)
  • A microSD card reader

*: Other UNIX-like OS may do the work as well, but I didn’t test it.


Let me write the procedures in advance.

  1. Back up the data from microSD card partitions.
  2. Using fdisk to modify the disk partition table.
  3. Make new partitions
  4. Restore the data

Why don’t we just use resize2fs? Because I need to enlarge the first partition whose format is vfat. So I have to move the second partition right, which means changing the second partition’s header. I don’t know how to manage that, so let us just go the old-fashioned way.